GLII: The price of white LED chips will drop by over 50…

Text / High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII) According to the high-tech LED industry research institute, the price tracking results of 30 chips in the past two years found that the price of LED chips dropped very low in the third quarter of 2009-2010 due to the frenzied investment of LE ----more

Analysis of PlayStation4 and Xbox720 missed 2012

December 30th, according to technology website SoftPedia, although there are more and more rumors about the next generation game consoles such as PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720, game industry analyst Jesse Divnich believes that Sony and Microsoft will not launch in 2012. Generation host. Alth ----more

What is the difference between EPS and UPS?

What is the difference between EPS power supply and UPS power supply? 1, different application areas In China, EPS power is mainly used for power equipment in the fire protection industry, emphasizing the ability to continuously supply power. The UPS power supply is generally used for p ----more

Renewable energy subsidies make industry more burdensom…

Subsidies appear to be positive on the emerging industry of renewable energy, but in fact it has put a heavy burden on the entire industry. In the last month of 2011, the National Development and Reform Commission issued a new regulation, proposing that renewable energy subsidies should b ----more

iPhone 4S starts countdown for three operators in the M…

There may soon be an answer for when the iPhone 4S can enter the Chinese mainland market. The three mainland operators who can successfully obtain the iPhone 4S introduction right, and who can introduce the market opportunity at the first time, there are still many variables. Yu Yingtao, ----more

iPhone shares in China fell out of the top 3 A European…

December 26, Beijing time news, the recent domestic media quoted relevant statistics that the Apple iPhone's market share in China has fallen out of the top 3, was overtaken by Huawei mobile phones, and there are similar situations in Europe. The report said that the share of Appleâ ----more

It's hot, is your laptop hot?

Over the years, as mobile office and people’s demands for venues and portability have continued to increase, more and more people have opted for laptops instead of traditional clunky desktops. Lightweight, beautiful and stylish laptops have also become indispensable partners in mode ----more