Mining Explosion Proof Starter (QJGR-6(10)Series)

  • Model NO.: QJGR-6(10)Series
  • Rated Current (a): 400, 315, 200
  • Weight (Kg): 1400
  • Trademark: CNC
  • Origin: Wenzhou, Zhejiang
  • Rated Voltage (V): 1140V, 660V
  • Outline Dimension (Mm): 2300X595X800
  • Max Power (Kw): 590/340,450/270,290/170
  • Specification: CE, ISO, CCC
Mining Explosion proof Starter (QJGR-6(10)Series)

1. Function

The QJGR-/6(10) Series Mine Explosion-proof and Intrinsically Safe HV AC vacuum Soft
Starters applies to underground coal mines where is filled with explosive gas(methane)and
Coal dust. It is used to control the direct start and start and stop, soft start and stop of
Three-phase squirrel-cage asynchronous motor in local or remote distance, rated voltage
6KV/10KV, frequency50/60HZ.

2. Characteristics

2.1 With protective functions of motor overload over-voltage, under-voltage, current
Imbalance, zero sequence current, frequency motion, speed loss, stall current, overfrequent
Starting, over-heating, phase sequence checking, monitoring of motor and
Cable insulation etc,;
2.2 Whole course on-line monitoring of working voltage, current, operation time with high
2.3 With RS485 communication interface to realize central monitoring and control;
Characteristic of small stating current, low mechanical pound, smooth and adjustable
Starting current and speed, reliable starting process, low shock to the grid and
Mechanical equipment, overall electrical protection etc. It is a ideal new-generation
Replacement for traditional direct start, star-delta star, reactor start and self-coupling
Reduction voltage start.

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