Tianjin LED Forum is about to open more than 20 heavyweight media to compete

The "5th LED Industry Theme Summit Forum" jointly sponsored by Gaogong LED and Tianjin Dongli District People's Government will be held at Tianjin Dongli Lake Resort from March 19th to 20th.

As one of the most popular high-tech energy-saving and environmental protection industries, LED has attracted the attention of many media. Learned from the forum organizing committee, Xinhua News Agency, Sina, Netease, Sohu, Caijing, China Business News, Shanghai Securities News, China Economic Herald, China Electronics News, China Business News, Daily Economic News, Semiconductor More than 20 large-scale well-known media and professional media in the LED field, such as Lighting, Lighting, China Energy-saving Lighting, and High-tech LED, will send reporters to participate in the forum. PR Newswire Asia (Asia) has also become the press release agency designated by this forum.

It is reported that the top four global LED leaders CREE, PHILIPS, GE, OSRAM will be the main report at this summit forum, and from research institutions, testing, applications, investment and other fields, such as Fudan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, CTI Experts from Lelei Optoelectronics, Zhaoxin Lighting, Najing Optoelectronics, Ebara Lighting, Oriental Fuhai Investment, Tongchuang Weiye Venture Capital, Cube Law Firm, etc., will participate in LED industry technology, market and investment and financing. Conduct in-depth communication. It is believed that the holding of this forum will greatly promote the cooperation between LED industry technology and market communication and venture capital in Beijing, Tianjin and even North China.

In the organization of the forum, it also received including HC Network, Gaogong Online, Aladdin Lighting Network, Optoelectronics News Network, China Semiconductor Lighting Network, China Lighting Network, LEDinside, EDN CHINA, Electronic Engineering Album, International Electronic Business, Electronics Technical components network, electronic products world, "LEDs technology", home worry-free • lighting vision, China energy-saving lighting network, HC lighting network, 66 network and other professional media support.

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