China IC Sales Nearly 45% High Growth

On the 2nd, it was learned from the China Semiconductor Industry Association that China's integrated circuit (IC) design industry will achieve a high growth rate of nearly 45% this year.

Association officials said that in 2010 China's integrated circuit design industry will achieve sales of 55 billion yuan, an increase of 44.59%. At the same time, corporate profits will also increase substantially.

This year, as countries recover their economies and compete to develop new industries, some new products such as the Apple iPad have entered the market, prompting the emergence of similar products, which have a great effect on IC design requirements.

Despite the rapid industrial development this year, compared with the international giants, China's IC design scale is weak, and low-level repeated development is still prominent. At present, there are more than 500 companies in the industry, but IC self-sufficiency rate is still relatively low, especially high-end product manufacturing.

To this end, the association's sources said that the relevant departments have implemented "IC design special". The main contents of the special project include supporting a wide range of integrated circuit products; encouraging qualified companies to integrate domestic IC design resources, guiding IC companies to speed up reorganization, and nurturing a number of key enterprises.

Fiber Optical Cross Connect Cabinets 

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Fiber Optical Cross Connect Cabinets

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