Color difference component interface YUV

At present, the interface identifiers of YUV, YcbCr, Y/BY/BY, etc. can be seen on some professional-grade video workstations/editing cards professional-grade video equipment or high-end DVD players, although the marking methods and joint shapes are different. All refer to the same interface color difference port (also called component video interface). It usually uses two types of labels, YPbPr and YCbCr. The former represents the progressive color difference output, and the latter represents the interlaced color difference output. From the above relationship, we only need to know the value of Y Cr Cb to get the value of G (that is, the fourth equation is not necessary), so the green difference Cg is uniformly ignored during video output and color processing. Retaining Y Cr Cb, this is the basic definition of the color difference output. As the S-Video's advanced product color difference output, the chroma signal C of the S-Video transmission is decomposed into the color difference Cr and Cb. This avoids the process of mixing and decoding the two channels of color difference and separates again, and also maintains the maximum of the color channel. Bandwidth is only required to be restored to RGB three primary color signals by an inverse matrix decoding circuit, which minimizes the video signal channel between the video source and the display imaging, and avoids the image caused by the tedious transmission process. Distortion, so the interface of the color difference output is the best one of the above various video output interfaces, and the color difference output is still widely used in professional applications.

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