The world's first multi-mode video converter

Integrated Device Technology, Inc., a supplier of analog-to-digital technologies that provide mixed-signal semiconductor solutions, has introduced a new family of DisplayPort-to-HDMI/DVI converters for tablet PCs and multi-monitor applications.

The new IDT DisplayPort converter enables seamless conversion of the DisplayPort 1.1a interface to HDMI or DVI. The IDT VLX2000 can convert DisplayPort inputs to HDMI or DVI outputs, while the IDT VMM1402 can convert one DisplayPort input to two HDMI or DVI outputs. Unlike traditional level shifter solutions, the IDT VLX2000 and VMM1402 do not require dual-mode input source operation and are suitable for a wide range of applications. These converters can be used in adapters, digital signage displays, or embedded in motherboards, docking stations, or video switch boxes.

In addition, the IDT VLX2000 and VMM1402 converters allow users to utilize up to two HDMI or DVI-based displays or televisions when using DisplayPort-based notebooks or desktops. This provides consumers with more choices for choosing a compatible monitor.

Ji Park, IDT's vice president and general manager of video and display, said: "Users need to connect DisplayPort-based devices to their existing HDMI or DVI-based flat-panel displays without having to replace or purchase expensive converters. New IDT The solution provides low-cost converters without additional drivers, making them easier to use.Small packages make them ideal for today's small portable devices.Because they are self-powered, they do not require expensive and inconvenient power supplies. Adapter or on-board voltage regulator."

Also released with the IDT VLX2000 and VMM1402 is the 4-output VMM1400, which provides a complete family of DisplayPort-to-HDMI converters that are compatible with DisplayPort v1.1a, HDMI standard v1.3X, VESA DDM standard, HDCP v1.3 and EDID v1 .4, and supports 2.7Gbps and 1.62Gbps primary link rates from the source.

The new IDT DisplayPort converter is a complete physical layer and full link layer protocol repeater integrated circuit. They have the ability to dither, repair, and reconstruct the signal while resetting the jitter tolerance to provide the end-to-end signal quality of the matching source. This can compensate for the negative effects caused by long wires or noisy electrical environments.

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