Double "Den" Festival, nuts warm winter shopping festival hot products recommended

Whenever the holiday season is always with friends and family, it is fun to have a drink together or sit around in front of the TV to watch a variety of Chinese New Year performances. The TV is more than just a household appliance for the Chinese people. How many families of joy and happiness, with the increasing living conditions, a small TV screen can no longer meet our needs, and in recent years the smart projection screen speed, the development speed is far more than the TV industry, Great place to replace the TV, this is not ~ "Dan" section is ready, take advantage of the nut warm winter shopping festival to choose a suitable projector and family to watch a large film ~ The smart projection of nuts is an early announcement of laser projection manufacturers, and in the LED lighting technology continues to mature today, also announced a variety of appearance full of sense of design, as the leader of the domestic projection field in the smart projection frequently force, the following by me Come to recommend hot selling products for several nut purchase festivals. Nut J6S Nut J6S "oblique rectangular" shape design, no doubt its unique shape in a number of stereotyped projector to stand out, metal titanium color makes sense of product technology. Electric lens cover can effectively protect the proud of the lens from dust intrusion, high-precision automatic focusing for everyone to easily get started, without any manual operation is always clear and moving picture. Nut J6S has both vertical left and right ±45° trapezoidal correction. When the autofocus encounters a powerful trapezoidal correction function, the side-throwing screen is always clear. Built-in symmetric high-power HIFI audio, and family enjoy not only the shock of the giant screen, but also listen to the sound of nature. The Nut J6S has a luminous brightness of up to 1100 ANSI with a projection screen resolution of 1920×1080 and a 1.2:1 throw ratio. In the case of day-to-day lighting, the picture is clear enough, even if there is no worry in the daytime HD viewing. Nut J6S is equipped with the latest JmGO OS smart operating system, built-in rich applications, and in cooperation with iqiyi, including more than 95% of the domestic cinema new film. Nowadays, the warm winter scorpion is being used to purchase 3,699 yuan in the hot promotion price. As a high-end intelligent projector, it is very suitable for people who have a quest for life. There is a demand that can be decisive. Nut M6 This is a new product defined as a light luxury new favorite, created by the China Red Dot Design Team. The appearance of the hand bag is very stylish both in terms of value and taste. Whether it is used as a projection viewing or home furnishings, it will surely become the focus of the family. The volume of the nut M6 is only 19.4cm*10.2cm*2.82cm, and the net weight is 0.5kg. The shell of champagne gold has no screw design in the whole body, and the arc-shaped edge process is delicate and comfortable. In the hardware configuration uses quad-core CPU, 1G RAM + 8G ROM, DLP digital projection technology, has a maximum projection capacity of 150 inches, manual stepless focusing, brightness reaches 200ANSI lumens, fully meet the indoor needs. Nut M6's original plug-in function with a special screen, the whole process without wifi, you can directly on the phone screen shots. Apple phones can be plugged in directly, while other devices require the use of other magnetic interfaces inside. Nut MING smart M6 smart projection body is small, easy to operate, easy to carry, adapt to the scene more, whether it is at home, outdoor or business office it is capable of, on the warmth of 1999 yuan to buy the price of the hand, are all value! Nut G3 “Daytime New Horizons”, a nut G3 with up to 1000 ANSI lumens, breaks the shortcomings of Smart Projection due to lack of brightness, allowing us to easily view the projected images both in daylight and at night. The 232mm*57mm body size of the nut G3 is small and exquisite in the projector. The sci-fi design of the flying saucer and the hidden switch make this projector very powerful. Built-in 2 small-diameter, long-stroke 8W power speaker units, speaker cone using a paper-based wool material, with their own three-frequency dynamic tuning technology, can greatly improve the transient response and dynamic range, effectively reduce the speaker Inter-modulation distortion, HIFI audio and video effects. Nut G3 ultimate slim body design with high lumens picture, with its built-in HIFI audio, an immersive visual feast waiting for you and your home to share, and now Jingdong warm winter glutton purchase price of 2399 yuan. The above recommended nut system projection products, ranging from affordable to high-end, meet different needs at different levels, of course, for that paragraph or you have the final say, the highest discount discount on nuts to buy warm winter straight down 1,300 yuan, What are you waiting for? Get ready to share with your family for the upcoming double “Dan” Festival! Smart TV/box information can focus on smart TV information network sofa butler (http://), China's influential TV box and smart TV website, providing information, communication, TV boxes, smart TVs, smart TV software, etc. Answering questions.