VR industry is right and wrong: the industry is still hot to develop

June 27th for the movie "Transformers 5" can only say that there is no plot scene, but fortunately the drunkard to go for special effects, I feel pretty good. For Transformers this big IP, many domestic VR manufacturers have also shot. Hardware has ants to see Transformers custom version of VR glasses, the game is not easy to say, how is it, let the drunk to give you a glimpse of Transformers VR those things. Phantom World Company Propaganda News China's leading VR full-line eco-company Eco-World’s external propaganda claimed that it had obtained exclusive rights to the “Transformers 5′′ VR game, and it also promoted new games in major media. But at about the same time, Aikuisi (Love play I.VR) also began to promote its "Transformers 5" VR game, and claimed to obtain an IP license, will be issued with the film nationwide. Ai Kwais game promotion poster Due to the promotion of the time, the Magicville World has the widest dissemination and most significant effect in this publicity. Even industry insiders believe that Ai Kuixi may be pirated. In response to this situation, Aoki's senior executives started to fight back in the circle of friends and the industry's WeChat group, and requested the Magic World to verify the content of the promotional paper. According to Drunkard's confirmation, the Magic World IP license comes from the Oriental Network (Huahua Television's parent company). Aikuix is ​​cooperating with Earth Cinema to push the "Transformers 5" VR game. Then the question arises. What is the exclusive license? Power of Attorney presented by Magicworld According to the above figure, the Magic World authorizing book tells that the license granted by Magicworld is only for the game authorization. The follow-up source said that the company has stated that the manuscript was issued after being approved by the authorized party (Oriental Network). of. Regardless of the approval of the draft review, the promotion of the Magic World was indeed illegal, and the interests of Irkutsk were affected. However, I personally think that it is somewhat negative to maintain the power through WeChat's friends and industry groups. The first time should contact the world of Magic World, show the certificate of authorization and ask them to eliminate the influence and reach a settlement. Keyi Technology Pang Bohang Unhappy things are finished and talk about happy. Since the second half of the year, the VR industry has become more and more active, and more and more applications have been applied to large-space applications. Yesterday, Keyi Technology Pan Bohang broke the news that the blackhole organization was established. Members include Keyi Technology, Aoying, Kongdao Technology, if games, and Qing. Hitomi and many other large space equipment vendors. Blackhole will integrate the resources of various companies in large space and conduct content concatenation, allowing users to experience more content using different devices, and expand the application of large space to promote the development of the industry. For example, the hardware solution of this large space solution can have more choices. After the hardware is selected, more software content can be matched to allow users to experience more content. Manufacturers can also huddle and warm up and develop quickly. Compared with the reality of the two-dimensional world and Aikuixi, the alcoholic individual is more expecting that the blackhole can be expanded. Through cooperation, it will promote technological exchanges and strengthen its competitiveness. It dares to surpass foreign manufacturers and welcome the arrival of the VR era.