Q3 color TV sales: Internet TV fell to the top of foreign brands

Recently, China's Video Industry Association and AVC have jointly published the “2017 China TV Market Summary Report for the Third Quarter”. According to the report data, the overall situation of the domestic TV market in the third quarter of this year seems to be not very good. This shows an embarrassing situation of a decrease in sales volume and a slight increase in the market size. It is understood that the third quarter of 2017, the domestic color TV market retail sales of 10.41 million units, down 12.9% year-on-year, but because of cost pressures and product structure upgrades, retail sales of 35.7 billion yuan, an increase of 1.3%. Although the market performance is not satisfactory, there are still bright spots, that is, Internet TV and foreign brands exchanged venues. In particular, after Sharp returned to China with a high profile, the "nobility and not expensive" decisive victory was really like a razor blade and he completely had the ability to defeat the enemy. In addition, the release of Sony's OLED TV also has a greater impact on the overall brand and has boosted the sales volume in the retail market. According to statistics, the TV market in the TV market in the third quarter accounted for 12% of the market, which was 11% lower than the same period of last year, while the sales of foreign TV brands increased, the market share reached 21%, occupying the position of Internet TV. From the statistics above, it can be seen that the once inestimable Internet TV was really planted. In particular, the commercial model of Internet TV once was negatively affected, and it seems that people do not see the possibility of turning over. Although in the commercial rivers and lakes, the example of Feng Shui turns everywhere, but Internet TV's "Waterloo" still catches people's attention. From the ever-unprecedented scenery to the emergence of the turning point in this year's industry, it is only a few years. This can not help curiosity, music as the crisis continues to ferment, this will be the prelude to the Internet industry facing the winter?