Intelligent voice assistant hot CES 2018 first day TV new inventory

The first day of CES is also known as Media Day. Many large technology companies will hold press conferences to introduce new products to be exhibited. From the new television products currently unveiled, this year's TV industry is focusing on the intelligent voice assistant. , such as Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Samsung Bixby. Of course, for television, image quality should always be the most important. Let's take a look at the highlights of this year's new television products. Sony Last year, some of Sony’s TV models completed support for Google Assistant through a firmware upgrade. In 2018, new television products will include Google Assistant voice assistant. Sony OLED TV A8F Sony's new OLED TV this year is A8F, and it's a little strange to jump from the A1E last year to the A8F. The A8F is equipped with Sony's unique 4K HDR processor X1 Extreme, supports mainstream HDR standards such as HDR10, HLG and Dolby Vision. It also follows the screen sound field technology used on A1E last year. The screen itself is a speaker, which also makes its minimalist appearance continue. However, the A8F relies on the bottom metal base to provide support. Compared to the A1E, it does not seem to be bold enough to innovate. The advantage is that it takes up less space on the desktop. Sony X900F Sony's new LCD TV this year has brought a brand-new technology, X-Motion Clarity Dynamic Optimization, which can accurately control moving images in a fast moving scene to minimize blurring, firstly applied to the X900F. Type. The X900F is equipped with a dynamic direct type backlight system, and is equipped with a 4K HDR processor X1 Extreme in the same way as the A8F. In conjunction with Advanced Optical PRO enhancement technology, each backlight area can be independently controlled and optimized. HDR10, HLG, and Dolby Vision support the three mainstream HDRs. Format standard. Have to say, X1 Extreme this processor has not been updated for a long time, but Sony said at the conference that it will exhibit a new generation of image processing chip X1 Ultimate (X1 Ultimate) prototype, its performance is X1 Extreme At twice the price, there is also an 8K display equipped with an X1 flagship chip. In HDR mode, the peak brightness of this screen can reach an astonishing 10,000 nits. Although Sony did not release plans for 8K TV, it should have been prepared. Sony 4K Ultra Short Focus Projector LSPX-A1 Sony also introduced a new 4K ultra-short focal projector LSPX-A1 this year, equipped with a laser light source with a peak brightness of 2,500 lumens. Although it is also equipped with a Glass Sound that can produce 360-degree audio, up to 30,000 US dollars is still not impressive. LG This year, LG's OLED and Super UHD TVs are equipped with the new ThinQ AI platform, which makes it possible to interconnect TVs with other home appliances. In addition, LG has added Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to the new TV line. LG OLED TV W8 LG's OLED TV camp this year is still very comprehensive, including the W8, G8, E8, C8 and B8 five series covering 55, 65, 77 three sizes, of which W8 is still a continuation of the Wallpaper series. Different from previous years, new OLED TVs have added the Alpha 9 processor (the entry-level B8 uses the Alpha 7 processor), and the TV's image processing capability has been greatly enhanced. LG Super UHD product line LG's Super UHD product line includes three series of SK95, SK85 and SK80. They use the Alpha 7 processor which is slightly inferior to the Alpha 9, and the processor also has many advantages, including darker black, upgraded image rendering. And so on, they also use Nano Cell technology for a wider viewing angle. In addition, SK95, SK85 also equipped with a full array of regional light control technology, light control capabilities are not small increase. LG 65" Rollable OLED TV LG has always had the ability to play OLED TVs with various tricks. This year it will also exhibit a 65-inch 4K TV that can be rolled up. Two years ago at CES 2016, LG exhibited only 18-inch scrollable OLED TVs. Size, and resolution is low. Samsung The "other" is Samsung. It does not cooperate with Amazon or Google. It insists on using Bixby, which is Samsung's own voice assistant. It can be used on Samsung mobile phones before. The new TV introduced this year will also achieve this function. 146-inch Micro LED TV Samsung undoubtedly will continue to introduce new QLED TVs, but its limelight is estimated to be covered by the 146-inch Micro LED TV wall. The name of this TV is called “The Wall”. 2000 nits are very good in brightness, due to adoption Modular design, size can be adjusted as needed. 85" 8K TV Q9S There is also a TV model Q9S, 8K resolution, 85-inch size, picture frame shape these are nothing, this TV also uses AI technology, it can calculate the image quality characteristics of each scene, and then use There are algorithms to adjust the screen resolution and raise the standard resolution to 8K. This way, 8K TV can also play its practical value today. Matsushita The new OLED TVs released by Panasonic did not state that they were equipped with smart assistants. However, the two newly released UHD Blu-ray players will support Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant in the future, and they can be freely controlled by voice. Panasonic OLED TV FZ950 Although it has not been listed in the domestic market, Panasonic's OLED TV has been highly evaluated in many foreign tests. This year, Panasonic brought two new series of FZ950 and FZ800. Highlights are still the HCX graphics acceleration chip, which also incorporates dynamic LUT (color look up table) technology that can decompose the image into a series of numbers representing contrast, brightness, saturation, etc. The HCX processor operating in milliseconds will continue to Optimize image quality. The FZ950 and FZ800 both support HDR10+ but do not support Dolby Vision. However, it is important to know that HDR10+ has a significant improvement over HDR10, and in most cases it is similar to Dolby Vision. Hisense A few days ago, it was reported that Hisense will launch a new smart TV supporting Amazon Alexa at CES 2018. Hisense models H10E, H9E Plus, etc. released this year not only support Alexa but also support Google Assistant. Hisense H10E Of course, we can not ignore its quality performance, H10E positioning high-end, only a 75-inch model, it has 1056 backlight partitions, using ULED and quantum dot technology, peak brightness can reach 2000 nits, support for Dolby Vision HDR and HDR 10 two HDR format. Hisense Laser TV Hisense displayed 80-inch, 88-inch, 100-inch, and 150-inch laser TVs at CES 2018. Among them, the 150-inch laser TV with dual-color light source technology deserves special attention. Its size is comparable to that of Samsung's 146-inch The Wall. Adjustable from 120 inches to 150 inches. Surprisingly, Liu Hongxin, the president of Hisense, revealed that the 300-inch laser TV will be unveiled in Shanghai this March. These are some of the new television products that CES 2018 debuted on the first day. Did you satisfy your expectations or surprise you? 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