25,000 lighting will be dotted with 17 nodes of Guangzhou Dongfeng Road


On the exterior wall lighting effect map of Yuehai Building, the pattern of the Guangzhou Asian Games logo is flashing.

Can show the Asian Games pattern, the most expensive 6,000 yuan a trip

Twenty-five thousand lights will be dotted with 17 nodes of Dongfeng Road, showing the Asian Games night scene. Yesterday, the reporter learned from Yuexiu District that Yuexiu District will invest 42 million yuan to carry out bright engineering finishing on some buildings along the Dongfeng Road, Jiefang North Viaduct and Zhusigang.

15 buildings will be lit

The original night lighting of Dongfeng Road is very rare, most of which are installed and implemented by the owners themselves. Most of the buildings involved in this time have no lighting facilities. The rectification made the existing bright or partially lit buildings a secondary choice, and the non-residential buildings near the sides of the road were the first choice. It includes 15 buildings including Yuexiu City Plaza, Yuehai Building, Jianlibao Building, International Finance Building and Guangdong Building, and 17 nodes including Jiefang North Viaduct and Zhusigang Green Square.

Among the 15 buildings that will be lighted up, LED spotlights, LED floodlights, energy-saving fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, etc., the most expensive LED floodlights of more than 6000 yuan, all of which are high-efficiency Energy-saving light source, with centralized control of the control system.

Dynamic pattern change

According to the engineer, as long as the computer is programmed into the computer, a dynamic and fascinating pattern can be realized. The reporter saw that on the renderings of the exterior wall lighting of Yuehai Building, the pattern of the Guangzhou Asian Games logo was flashed. On the outer wall of the International Finance Building, there is a purple ball that changes dynamically.

The reporter learned that if the two thousand and five thousand lights are turned on together, it will consume 907 degrees in an hour. According to the relevant person in charge of the Yuexiu District Construction Bureau, 15% of the 42 million project budgets are maintenance fees to ensure that the lighting is maintained within four years, but the electricity bill is not included.

Who is responsible for the electricity bill? The relevant person in charge said that if the new lighting is added to the owner's original lighting system, the electricity fee will be borne by the owner, but the government has not yet considered the electricity subsidy and other issues.

Completed in mid-September

It is understood that the bright project on both sides of Dongfeng Road has been opened on June 29, and will enter normal construction on July 10. It will be completed in mid-September and will be opened in different modes according to different modes in the future, in peacetime, festivals, major festivals, etc. The scene achieves green lighting. At that time, the night view of Dongfeng Road will be comprehensively upgraded, and the night tour of the Pearl River will form two complete night tour routes that cross the east and west, distribute the north and south waterways and land routes, and create a new highlight of the Guangzhou city night landscape.

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