Using the innovative thinking to create the touchstone of LED lighting products

Using the innovative thinking to create the touchstone of LED lighting products

——Ye Jingtu, deputy director of the Science and Technology Department of Guangdong Province, talks about the benchmark index of LED lighting products

Guangdong Province has pioneered the benchmark index of LED lighting products in the country, and has begun to promote and implement the special plan of “Green Lighting Demonstration City” in the province, and implemented dynamic evaluation of the quality of LED street lighting technology. At the press conference on the LED lighting products benchmarking index in Guangdong Province, the reporter interviewed Ye Jingtu, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department, who is mainly engaged in this work.

Ye Jingtu first introduced the development of LED lighting industry in Guangdong as a strategic emerging industry. He said that LED light source has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and has become the commanding height of technology and industrial strategy competing in the world's developed countries. According to the decision-making and deployment of the provincial party committee and the provincial government, the LED lighting industry is one of the breakthroughs and main directions of the development of strategic emerging industries in Guangdong Province. Guangdong is one of the most important LED industry bases in China. In recent years, it has been in the forefront of the country in response to the national call for and promotion of the popularization of LED lighting. Since the beginning of 2009, the Provincial Science and Technology Department has launched the “Tianli 100,000” high-power LED street lamp industrialization demonstration and promotion project, and has achieved remarkable results in breaking the technical, capital and market bottlenecks of industrial development. This year, the Science and Technology Department has set up a major technology special plan for “Guangdong Province Green Lighting Demonstration City” to formulate support policies for binding assessment and incentive subsidies, and vigorously promote the development of R&D, production and application in the LED industry in our province.

In response to the research and development and launch of the LED street lamp benchmark index, Ye Jingtu told reporters that although Guangdong has made some achievements in the LED field, we are also clearly aware that due to the high-speed updating of LED products and technologies, the focus of industrial development in different regions is different. To the standard level, the development of market access standards for LED lighting products and the determination of indicators are extremely difficult, or the cycle of standard formation cannot keep up with the speed of technological development, and the phenomenon of lack of standards and lags is formed, which directly leads to the lack of verification of product testing and certification methods. The issue of scientific controversy has caused the dilemma of product quality supervision; in engineering applications, single LED products or technical standards are difficult to play a role in product access and market supervision in engineering. Market competition is disorderly, product quality is uneven, and engineering quality is difficult to identify and other issues, which seriously restricts the development of the LED industry.

In response to this situation, in order to ensure the smooth implementation of the major special projects of “Guangdong Province Green Lighting Demonstration City”, the Science and Technology Department organized the Guangdong Provincial Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Provincial Ministry of Industry, Education and Research Innovation Alliance, Sun Yat-Sen University Foshan Research Institute, Provincial Standardization Research Institute, and Provincial Technology Economy. Research and Development Center, Provincial Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and other units jointly researched and formulated the "Guangdong Province Green Lighting Demonstration City Product Benchmark Index", which uses innovative thinking methods to explore new methods for LED lighting product evaluation, "Guangdong Province" The Green Lighting Demonstration City special program and the “Thousand Miles” program provide product quality assessment system.

The reporter asked: How is the benchmarking index of LED lighting products selected, and how to guarantee the quality of LED streetlights in the "Green Lighting Demonstration City" project?

Ye Jingtu replied that the core of the project is in the field of LED lighting industry. In view of the rising space of LED lighting emerging industry technology and rapid technological advancement, the product index that is considered to have a “significant relationship” with the quality of LED lighting products is selected. And does not involve the specific value setting of indicators, the relative measurement of product quality through the benchmark index, the purpose is to establish an innovative dynamic LED lighting product quality evaluation system, combined with third-party testing and unified platform evaluation, the current market The LED lighting products (first from the street light) are evaluated for quality and energy efficiency and grading. The testing methods and standards adopted will be dynamically updated according to the latest published standards and technical methods at home and abroad. The promotion model will be based on the enterprises within the alliance and willingly participate in the “Thousand Miles” LED Street Light Project and the “Guangdong Green Lighting Demonstration City” Special Plan. The company is centered on the US SSL (Solid State Semiconductor Lighting Program) operating model and the DOE (Energy Department) "Energy Star" standard.

Through the adoption of the advanced evaluation system of benchmarking method, it will give a clear positioning for the current average product technology level of the LED lighting industry. The types and parameters of the benchmarking index will be dynamically updated through phased continuous research. This method will help to abandon the dispute and solve the common problems encountered in the current LED lighting product quality supervision, testing technology development and platform integration. Breaking through the current imperfect standards in the development of LED lighting industry, the detection methods can not keep up with the bottleneck of technological development. Establish a dynamically updated product benchmarking index and product standard testing and certification system, which will make great progress in public technology such as standards, certification and testing of LED lighting products, and provide a scientific quality assessment system for selecting products from the Green Lighting Demonstration City of the Science and Technology Department.

Ye Jingtu told reporters that the characteristic of the LED benchmark index is a "moving" word, on the one hand, the dynamic evaluation of the technical quality of LED street light products; on the other hand, the "standard index" is also in the dynamic adjustment, the type and parameters of the benchmark index Real-time dynamic updates will be conducted through phased continuous research. Taking the benchmark index as the "touchstone" for the quality of LED lighting products is conducive to abandon the controversy and give a clear positioning for the LED lighting product technology and quality level of the enterprise, and solve the current "green lighting demonstration city" special project for the Science and Technology Department. In the implementation of the plan of “Thousands of Miles and 100,000”, it has taken an important step to solve the common problems encountered in standard revision, product quality supervision and testing technology development, and even has a far-reaching guiding role in solving these problems in a larger area. And realistic meaning.

The Science and Technology Department will issue relevant documents and require all the technologies and products of enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions that voluntarily participate in the “Ten Thousand Miles” high-power LED street lamp industrialization demonstration and promotion project and the green lighting demonstration city major special plan inside and outside the province must first pass The LED lighting product evaluation benchmark system is certified. The Science and Technology Department will provide special funds for the relevant departments of cities and regions selected for major special projects, use the benchmark system to conduct regular inspections on products, and the technical level of products, engineering application cost performance and return on investment. Systematic evaluation.

Finally, Ye Jingtu told reporters that through the research of benchmarking index, the continuous analysis and research on the technical development level and market application status of LED lighting products can also clarify the technological development trend of the industry and make the technical roadmap for the LED lighting industry. The revision provides a scientific basis to guide the direction of enterprise R&D and guide the government's industrial support priorities. It is of great significance to improve the rationality of industrial layout and promote the sustainable and balanced development of the industry.

The Science and Technology Department will continue to organize research and build a benchmark system for LED lighting product evaluation based on benchmarking index. The content includes benchmarking index determination, dynamic management, and evaluation and testing of LED street lighting products, which is the standard construction of strategic emerging industries in the province. The common problems that may be encountered in the fields of quality assessment, testing and certification, explore new paths, create new experiences, and provide important scientific and technological support for creating a market atmosphere of competitive order, effective guarantee, and supervision.

As the lead unit of the Guangdong LED Lighting Technology and Product Promotion Application Joint Conference, Guangdong Science and Technology Department will work with various departments and cities to promote the LED lighting product benchmarking index to ensure the LED lighting demonstration project to promote the LED lighting demonstration project. The technology, capital and market bottlenecks of industrial development will accelerate the independent innovation capability and overall competitiveness of the LED lighting industry in Guangdong Province.

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