LED street light achieves a green future

30 years of economic development has made China the third largest economy in the world. At the same time, the rapid urbanization process has put forward more requirements and more urgent challenges for the lighting industry. As the main road lamp for urban functional lighting, it is not only a choice but a necessity. The LED industry chain is gradually maturing for LED street lighting products to be continuously upgraded, and the huge market capacity makes street lamp entrepreneurs smug. In the interview, the big brothers painted the blueprint for the LED industry in the next year, five years or even ten years.

For the future development of LED street lights, entrepreneurs have locked in the three key words of capital, energy saving and carbon reduction. Since 2009, investors from the traditional lighting and semiconductor industries have increased their interest in LEDs, and various capitals have been in the market. The 2010 climate summit in Copenhagen has inspired all people to pay attention to environmental protection. In this context, LED companies also Advance with the times and plan for the future direction.

LED street light market will continue to grow rapidly in 2010

At the beginning of 2009, people were very nervous. The "cold winter theory" made the whole industry sway and grassy, ​​but the strong rebound of the domestic economy drove the lighting industry to recover quickly, and even did not feel the cold, the crisis has gone far. It is the arrival of the financial crisis that has caused many LED companies to have a sense of crisis and make preparations in advance. The performance in 2009 has still achieved substantial growth.

At the LED streetlight exhibition held in Guangzhou recently, the reporter paid attention to the more innovative and diversified marketing methods of LED enterprises. Enterprises with strong technical backing pay more attention to product quality and brand innovation.

Due to the support of local government policy support, the LED streetlight market in 2010 was logically placed more expectant. In addition, the European and American markets are now rampant in trade protectionism, and the barriers are high. Many export-oriented LED companies have turned their ships to the domestic market. Increased competition will inevitably lead to further development of the industry.

Energy saving and carbon reduction are the future trends. Technology development has a long way to go.

Although the closed World Climate Summit in Copenhagen did not reach a substantive agreement, it also aroused the concern of the world for the fate of the earth. Energy conservation and emission reduction have become a major issue facing the people of the world. And Chinese LED companies that are in rapid development should not forget their social responsibilities.

Zhu Bingzhong, deputy secretary general of Guangdong LED Alliance, said that there are many LED enterprises in the Pearl River Delta region, and there are many LED street lamp application projects. Some technical and economic benefit indicators for field testing have been obtained to date. I wish the Deputy Secretary-General that the factors limiting the development of LED applications are mainly in technology and price. When it reaches 200lm/w, the economy is cost-effective. The price of LED light source with the same illumination design is more than 4 times that of traditional light source. In the future, the price will gradually decline with the increase of technology, but it will still affect the promotion of a wide range.

For LED street lamps, the light efficiency is not high, the power supply (driver) is faulty, and the light decay is large, which is a common problem at the time of LED street lamps. In addition, the weight of the luminaire is too large, the structure is unreasonable, the color temperature is high, and the life is not long (not consistent with the number of 100,000, 50,000 hours). The enthusiasm of non-traditional street lamp manufacturers to promote LED street lamps is higher, and the lighting of lamps is reasonable. It is also the focus that the industry must face. For the development of LED enterprises in the future, LED products must be continuously upgraded, constantly innovating and breaking through, and seeking the development momentum in the breakthrough.

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