Experts comprehensively interpret the benchmarking system for LED lighting products

On June 23, it was officially launched at the Guangdong LED Lighting Product Benchmarking Index Conference held in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. The meeting introduced the significance and progress of the benchmarking research and implementation project of the green lighting demonstration city in Guangdong Province, and released the initial research results and application plan of the LED lighting product benchmarking index project. Here, Aladdin Lighting Network reporter interviewed the guests in particular, and had a comprehensive understanding of the benchmark index of LED lighting products.

1. The bear representative on behalf of the Standards Institute replies:

Why do you have a LED street light standard and study the benchmark index?

The rapid development of emerging industries has brought about the dilemma of standard revision and revision, and the LED lighting industry is no exception. First of all, because there are many links in the standard revision process, from the drafting to the release of the implementation cycle, some indicators even face the situation that the standard is outdated. Secondly, the implementation of the standards that have been introduced is not optimistic, and the existing product standards and test method standards are not perfect enough. They can only play a minimum threshold for market access of products. It is difficult for users to truly judge LED lighting products. Quality is high. Finally, LED lighting fixture application evaluation needs to conduct a new round of long-term evaluation, and even how to select evaluation indicators, its scientificity has been in the argument, it is difficult to keep up with the pace of reference promotion.

The benchmarking index research is to use the scientific research method to test the LED benchmark products that can represent the level of innovation in the industry, and then calculate into an index. The benchmarking index is dynamic and continuous with the development of technology. It has a wide application prospect and can be used. In order to locate the current stage of industrial technology development, it can provide a sufficient and scientific basis for the formation of alliance technical standards, as well as industry and national standards.

The benchmarking index research belongs to the pre-research process of the alliance standard, and the product evaluation benchmark system established by the benchmark index solves the contradiction between the excessive standard revision cycle and the rapid development of the industry. The operation of the benchmarking index system is more than the development of the alliance standard. It needs to be flexible and dynamic, and it is more in line with the pace of technological development in emerging industries.

During the research of benchmarking index, the tracking of the latest standards, basic technologies and testing technologies at home and abroad will be maintained. At the same time, the gaps in the current testing and evaluation methods will be tackled, and on the basis of multi-party argumentation, industry consensus will be gradually formed.

The benchmarking index serves the demonstration project and maintains the important characteristics of continuous testing and sample analysis of the project. It can not only propose a scientific method for the study of the application evaluation index, which is still inconclusive, but also propose a new indicator for distinguishing LED lighting from traditional lighting. Basis for argumentation.

Benchmarking is quantified and can quantify the relative level of a company's peers; standards do not. If the benchmark index and the standard are compared to the test for the product, then the benchmark index is the ability test, the score is reflected by the ranking, but only the test is good, not too much; the standard is the level test, the score is only passed and not passed. However, the exam was eliminated, and there was no good or bad score.

2 Wang Gang

Does the establishment of the benchmark system mean that a product elimination mechanism, or a product with a high rating, will be accepted by the market, and a product with a low rating will have no market?

not like this. First of all, regardless of the benchmark level of the product, the premise must be qualified, in line with national standards. Secondly, the product evaluation benchmark system is only to provide a scale for measuring product performance and a relatively advanced reference scale. The benchmark level of products certified by this system is only to indicate where the quality and performance of the product are currently in the industry. However, users decide whether to choose a product or other factors, such as price, mass production capacity, after-sales service, etc., so the products with high rating in the benchmark system may not be users because the price is too high or the mass production level is not high. Acceptance, and products with low elevations may also be good value for money and have a good market share.

Experience shows that most users on the market are difficult to distinguish because of the advantages and disadvantages of the products, but emphasize the price comparison, so that high-quality products are mistaken for poor price performance, and low-priced products are mistaken for poor quality or proposed for products. It is far higher than the quality requirement of product price; we also see that because there is no fair and reasonable LED lighting product quality evaluation system, many regions have to select products for test comparison before the project starts, because For various reasons, the test results can not fully represent the actual level of the product, making the product difficult to select, making many of the originally urgent LED lighting projects repeatedly delayed. Therefore, in fact, the establishment of the benchmark system for product evaluation provides an equal market competition mechanism for various levels of products for the industry. At the same time, it enhances market confidence and taps potential market demand for users. In other words, the scientific evaluation system provides a basis for project product selection, solves the problem of engineering supervision, and reduces the economic and energy efficiency losses caused by the selection of products with poor price/performance ratio or inferior quality.

3. Hu Yuan, on behalf of the Quality Supervision Bureau, replied:

What is the significance of benchmarking index research in LED lighting product testing and quality monitoring?

First, dynamic assessment

Dynamic evaluation means that in the case of rapid development of product technology, in the case of serious lag in the standard, the scientific results of the benchmark index can be scientifically developed, and the detection technology and testing standards can be scientifically developed to maximize the correct evaluation of the product quality level.

Second, fuzzy management

Fuzzy management means that although the LED products are not in the final product form, the products are constantly updated, but in the current market and a large number of applications, the traditional standard-detection mechanism based on absolute quality level detection can not fully play its role. Only through the research of benchmarking method, on the basis of dynamic evaluation of the current level of innovative products, the general products and benchmark products will be benchmarked, and the product quality will be fuzzyly controlled according to the relative quality level.

4. The cloud office on behalf of the Science and Technology Department replies:

How does the Science and Technology Department apply the benchmarking index, a major scientific research result, to the green lighting demonstration city?

The Science and Technology Department will continue to organize research and build a benchmark system for LED lighting product evaluation based on the benchmark index. The content includes the benchmarking of index indicators, dynamic management, and evaluation and testing of LED street lighting products.

The latest "《" documents issued by the Science and Technology Department require that all technologies and products of enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions that voluntarily participate in the demonstration and promotion project of the high-power LED streetlight industrialization demonstration project and the green lighting demonstration city in the province and abroad must first pass The LED lighting product evaluation benchmark system is certified. The Science and Technology Department will provide special funds for the relevant departments of cities and regions selected for major special projects, use the benchmark system to conduct regular inspections on products, and the technical level of products, engineering application cost performance and return on investment. Systematic evaluation.

Guangdong Science and Technology Department and Guangdong Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Provincial Ministry of Industry, Education and Research Innovation Alliance will organize relevant industry experts to form a benchmark system management committee (hereinafter referred to as the Management Committee), undertake inspection agency identification, consistency verification, service management and other benchmarking index system. An organization that runs related management tasks.

5. Mr. Li, on behalf of the Green Lighting Demonstration City, answered:

As one of the first green lighting demonstration cities, Xiaolan Town has the benefits of establishing a benchmarking system for promoting LED streetlights in Xiaolan Town.

First of all, I am very grateful to the Science and Technology Department for listing Xiaolan Town as one of the first three green lighting demonstration cities in Guangdong Province. Due to the green lighting demonstration city special plan, it is a demonstration project of science and technology demonstration projects, and we are adopting contract energy management mode. To implement the project, the requirements for the identification and selection of products in terms of quality, energy efficiency and longevity are relatively higher than the current industry average. An objective reference standard is required when selecting products. However, the existing national and local standards are only a threshold for product introduction. On the other hand, many standards are still incomplete. In addition, because LED lighting belongs to high-tech fields and emerging industries, the current technical route and appearance In terms of design and other aspects, in the actual project bidding, most users can not quickly distinguish the product quality, performance, life, technology level, etc. from the numerous complicated indicators and parameters in the existing inspection reports of various brands of products. The degree of pros and cons, causing product quality and engineering supervision.

The LED lighting product evaluation benchmark system organized by the Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology is an innovative measure in the construction of the standard system. It not only provides a reference scale for representing the advanced level of domestic LED lighting products, but also a scale for measuring the quality level of products, which is Xiaolan Town. In the implementation of the green lighting demonstration city project, the selection of excellent products provides an objective reference, and also provides a fair and competitive market environment for LED lighting enterprises in Xiaolan Town to participate in the green lighting demonstration city project; therefore, we actively support this conference. The convening, I hope this initiative can be applied to the province, and even the country as soon as possible to promote the existing LED lighting product quality assurance dilemma, promote the smooth implementation of LED lighting projects, accelerate the development of China's LED lighting industry, provide a solid guarantee.

6. The Board of Directors, on behalf of the local Science and Technology Bureau,

In addition to the benchmarking index applied to product quality evaluation, is there any other use?

The benchmark index is a product dynamic index that represents the level of innovation in the industry through continuous analysis and research on indicators such as the technical development level and market application status of LED lighting products. The types and parameters of the benchmark index will be dynamically updated through periodic continuous research.

The benchmarking index research is currently focused on product quality, and in the future it will be extended to the dynamic index research of product cost, product cycle, product energy consumption and so on. Therefore, it is extremely important for the science and technology department to guide the direction of enterprise technology research and development.

For example, comparing the enterprise product index with the current benchmark index, and continuously analyzing and comparing the system from different aspects, it can clarify the horizontal position of the product in the industry and explore new ideas for product development.

Use the benchmark system to measure key parameters of the production process and compare the collected data with the benchmark index to monitor the performance of key processes. The observed gap between actual performance and benchmarks will be used to develop improvement goals and implement them correctly. Improved methods to effectively improve performance and narrow the gap.

Studying the development trend of the benchmark index that is continuously released at a certain stage, you can also understand the technological development trend of the industry, as the scientific basis for the revision of the enterprise technology roadmap, so as to clarify the key points of science and technology support and guide the direction of enterprise research and development.

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